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NASCAR- Nationwide Car- What's Up?

2017 Paint Scheme for the 88 car!

Being an insurance provider, having Nationwide there to help us, and you, get through tough times is a big deal. After seeing this last week’s Daytona 500, we should hope Dale Earnhardt Jr uses a similar insurance. In his second shortest Daytona 500 race ever, Jr was leading only to be taken out of the race by the soon to be overlapped Kyle Busch. Busch blew a tire at the absolute perfect, most pinpoint moment, to take Dale Jr out of the race, sending a reminder to all that anything can happen at any given moment. It did look as if the 88 Nationwide car would hold the lead for a while, if not the remainder of the race. Yet, unfortunate events and extreme unluckiness held 88 back during his return to racing. Unexpected things happen, that’s why insurance is there. Guess Jr is lucky he is a 200mph insurance advertisement. So he should be alright.

Last year, Earnhardt suffered season ending concussion like symptoms, putting a hiatus on his racing career for nearly half a year. “I couldn’t take a step without leaning on something for support (during tests),” he recalled. With his return on Sunday to the biggest race in the sport, many believed him to be the favorite to win the big one. He looked to be on track to do just that before his wreck, which seemed to come out of nowhere. The important thing is, no concussion this time. In fact, he said he enjoyed the entire week despite the wreck.

All of us are happy that Dale Jr is back in the Nationwide car to continue his racing career. Approaching the twilight of his career, it will be sad to see him go if he wins the championship this year. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Let’s just all be thankful we get to see the 88 Nationwide car make a left turn approximately 43,000 more times (yes, you heard that correctly). For at least another season.

So what’s up with the Nationwide car and it’s driver? Guess we’ll have to tune in to find out as the season goes on, but they race on.

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