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Refer a Friend.  Get a Gift Card.

When you refer a friend, neighbor or family member - or even a total stranger - to Executive Edge Insurance and they obtain a quote from us, we will give you a gift card.

Thanks to You - From All of Us!

We understand that our agency grows because we have great clients that refer the special people in their lives to us.  Considering how often that happens, we'd like to recognize the trust you have given us.  This is our way of saying Thank You for trusting us enough to refer your friends, neighbors and loved ones to our agency.

Here's How it Works

There are a couple of different ways to refer people to Edge Insurance.  Here are the preferred methods.


1.  Tell your friends, neighbors, loved ones, aquaintences, postal carrier, butcher, day care provider and anyone you can think of about Edge Insurance.  Ask them to call us at 209-385-3343 and ask for an insurance quote.  Be sure to tell them to mention your name so that we can get you a gift card for the referral.


2.  Share our facebook page.  Your referral can message us and ask for a quote or even post it on our timeline.  Click the button to go directly to our Refer a Friend Facebook page.





3.  We love email.  Have the person you are referring send us an email at and ask for a quote.  Be sure to have them mention you in the email.


4.  Fill out the form below.  Once we receive the information and get your referral a quote we will issue you a gift card.

Refer a Friend
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