This ain't your first rodeo? You're feeling like you can do this? Ok then! We will let you.


You can point, click and buy your policy, right here, right now. You will only get a quote from ONE company, Safeco Insurance, but you will be safe there. Safeco is a GREAT company, very friendly to Californians! Since we could only choose ONE policy to offer as a quote-buy-print feature, this is it. It's an all around good ol' policy. Sometimes its the cheapest, sometimes it isnt, but it is ALWAYS GOOD and ALWAYS convenient. 


Why Am I Safe With Safeco? 


If you like to read, we'll tell ya. We like Safeco because its a well rounded company. Safeco offers personal lines insurance for Auto, Home, Renters, Boat, Classic Cars, Motorcycles, Travel Trailers, Umbrella Policies Landlord and Condo Policies. It is the only company we have that gives you the option to write your own & receive the policy immeditely, so that's all you'll find on THIS page. If you'd like multiple quotes after all, click here to go over to the comparison tool. 


First off, they're open 24 hours, so if you can't reach us at the agency, you can always reach Safeco (800-332-3226) or just go online to their website.


On their auto policy, they give you career & education discounts and many coverage choices. You can choose GAP coverage, Original Parts Replacement coverage, death benefit if you're killed in a wreck (GASP! But if you have no other life insurance coverage, it helps!). Not to mention their friendliness to families with young drivers! 


One thing we like to make sure you know about on Safeco's homeowners policy is the Equipment breakdown coverage. It's an add on you can get that covers functioning equipment in the house. It is a bit like a home warranty but better! It covers things like: HVAC systems, Hot Water Heaters, Pool Pumps, Large Screen TVs... ANYTHING that can break down. It has a flat $500 deductible and if you file a claim it doesn't raise your insurance rate.


We have many great things to say about the Safeco policy, we could go on and on. 

This blurb is in no way conclusive of our favorite aspects of their policy, but it hits on the big stuff. 


Safeco is NOT ALWAYS the lowest price but it IS ALWAYS a safe choice, always convenient, and a wonderful, stable policy from a strong company. On the occasion that it isn't the best price, you will find that it's not very far off. 


We are always available at the office if you change your mind about writing your own or if you'd like multiple quotes after all :)