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​What Type of Insurance Do I Need? 

​General Liability:

Provides coverage if you or your employee or your products or services cause or are alleged to have caused bodily injury or property damage to a third party.

Property Insurance:

If you own your building or have property such as office equipment, inventory or tools, this is the coverage you need in order to have coverage if you have a fire, smoke, vandalism damage or a theft. 

Business Owners Policy (BOP):

Combines General Liability and Property coverage into 1 policy & usually saves money over all. 

Commercial Auto Insurance:

Protects vehicles that belong to the business or are used mostly for the business.

Workers Compensation:

Provides coverage for employees who are injured on the job. In exchange for this coverage, the employee gives up the right to sue the business for for the accident/incident.

Errors & Omissions Insurance:

Also known as "Professional Liability". Covers you when you make an honest mistake that leads to a consumers hardship. This is an important coverage for CPA's, Lawyers, consultants of any kind, notaries, real estate agents, hair salons and technology providers (just to name a few). 

Directors and Officers:

Protects those responsible for business decisions against accusations of actions that affect the profitability or operations of the company. Embezzlement often triggers this coverage, but it can be honest mistakes that trigger it too, such as a bad judgment call. 

Data Breach:

If the business stores any sensitive or non-public information about employees or clients on computers, servers or in paper files, the business is responsible for protecting that information. If a breach occurs, this coverage will provide protection against financial loss. 

Something very helpful you can send us is your current declaration page. We can use this to help us make sure we are comparing apples to apples on coverage to best measure value. 

You can email us the declaration pages or fax them to 866.284.1448



Because commercial insurance is MUCH more complicated than the typical personal policy like auto and home, and thus, takes lots more time. There are no quote engines available that streamline it the way we do with Auto & Home because of the complex nature of General Liability. Even if there was, it would be at least an hour long process.

Our office has internal information that helps us cut time on shopping for commercial policies, and it helps that the representatives from the company headquarters visit us on a regular basis. They tell us about any new questions we need to ask or information we'd need to consider when finding you the RIGHT insurer. For example, if you own a body shop, Travelers has an EXCELLENT program for that and the policy is priced well, however, if you have more than one tow truck your shop wont be eligible for a Travelers policy. They don't want the exposure from a 24 tow operation either, so we can save lots of time by knowing that, and skipping the application to that company. We know there are no ands/ifs/buts. We would immediately look to the companies we know are friendly to tow trucks, like Oregon Mutual Insurance.

That's just ONE situation, there are MANY, so it is just best to give us the bit of information we ask for up above, and with that our office can determine which direction to go to save us both time and money, because time IS money and we can only be in business if we value your dollar as much as we value ours!


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