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About Insuring CUSTOM Vehicles... 

There are car lovers, and then there are real car lovers. They take their automobiles and modify them with all kinds of expensive, customized equipment & accessories. Not every insurance company has respect for the blood, sweat and tears, not to mention MONEY you spend pampering your vehicle. Please tell us if your car is customized, we cant always tell by looking at it, and sometimes we don't see the car you add to the policy, and sometimes you modify it after we've seen it. You do not have to sneak a customized vehicle onto your policy, you just need to tell your agent about it so we can insure it properly. 

As importantly as the modification itself is where you got it done. Please dont do these modifications in your garage. If you would like a certified shop referral, let us know. We know where to send you for this!
This IS a customized truck. 

See how it is lifted and all shiny-like? This is the sort of thing your agent needs to know about. Why? Because if you wreck this truck you will want to recoup the value of all the accessories too. This truck, if totaled, would cost a lot more money to replace than the blue book value of the unmodified version of the truck.
Also, you may have one of those policies that really doesn't like insuring custom vehicles and if they had known it was customized a certain way, they wouldn't have insured it. 
This truck is not customized.

This is a very nice truck indeed, and it is sitting just like it did when it came from the dealer lot. Sure, its got some add-on features inside the truck, such as a tow package, but it's body and structure have not been altered in any way. 


There are some ways you can customize your vehicle that aren't considered modifications. You may need to add a wheel chair lift to your minivan... that 's ok. Just ask us if you've done anything different and we will let you know when you might need to customize your policy too.  
Now isn't this just gorgeous?

Another example of customizing that we need to know about. These doors didn't come from the Chevy factory. Either the dealership put them on or the owner of the car took it to a local body shop to have it done. 

It alters the structure of the car and no crash tests have been done to determine the safety of those doors. If you've spent the money on these doors, you may need to spend a little extra to add them to the insurance policy as well. 
We have MANY insurers who will happily insure your custom car. No matter what. The rates aren't any higher, the policy is just built differently and includes the actual value of your modifications. The BEST custom car insurer by far is Hagerty Insurance & we have a great relationship with them. 
Do not go to just ANY auto insurance company with your custom vehicle, please consult with your agent.
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