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If you are looking for a career as an insurance agent, please send us your resume and we will reach out to you soon!

Currently, there are 2 positions open at Executive Edge Insurance Services. 


1. Customer Service Representative:


You must have experience working in a professional environment. This position requires an insurance license. 


2. Commercial Insurance Sales Agent (Merced, Ca)


Executive Edge Insurance Services, home of, has a position open for a commercial lines independent agent. Here is what we offer:


-Generous commission/bonus structure-Consistent promotion via mailers, social media and consistent referrals


-Consistent training & support


-As many markets for your clients as you can handle


-Opportunity to manage your own branch


-Flexible Schedule, you will decide how many hours you need to spend "in the office" vs out on the pavement to accomplish your goals.


-A wonderful family atmosphere, no bosses far away issuing executive orders


-A full service agency, we offer all lines of insurance, but this position is specifically for commercial sales


Who We Want To Hear From:


-An experienced Insurance Agent with a current license to transact in California (this is not an entry level position)


-An agent with enough confidence in their ability to work on a commission based income, we want you here for a long time


-An agent who may be willing to manage a branch and hire a staff. We will be expanding.-An agent who is not afraid to be marketed, to see themselves in mailboxes, newspapers and anywhere else we can find to plaster your name


-An agent who always returns phone calls and emails even when he or she doesn't have an answer yet for the client


-An agent who understands the importance of asking for referrals and truly believing that they deserve them.


This IS a commission based position but that does not mean that we wont invest in you. It just means that you are comfortable enough with your own ability to make a living in this profession, that you are certain that you love this industry and respect it, and that you prefer that there is no cap on your income.

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