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5.2 Weird Insurance Policies and Claims

You thought insurance was boring, huh? You thought it was all premiums, liabilities, paperwork and quotes didn’t you? Guess again, insurance CAN be fun…really, it can. Check out these weird policies and claims if you don’t believe me.

1. A Michigan couple took out a multiple-birth policy. Then they had twins. The insurance carrier coughed up the money so the couple took out another multiple-birth policy and you guessed it, they had another set of twins. WOWSA!

1.1 Heidi Klum insures her legs for $2.2 million.

2. A very famous chef, Egon Ronay insured his taste buds for $400,00. I wonder what happens when he gets bad breath? Does he file a claim? If he does you know I’ll be talking about it.

2.1 America Ferrera insured her smile for $10 million. She’s cute, but she ain’t that cute!

2.2 Troy Polamulu crazy ugly hair is insured for $1 million. Someone should put a helmet on that guy that he can’t take off. Imagine how insurance premiums would skyrocket if they have to pay out for a little bubbalicious in those locks.

2.3 Bruce Springsteen’s raspy voice that we’ve all come to love is insured for $6 million.

2.4 A couple traveling abroad thought it was cute when a monkey took their luggage from atop the luggage carrier into their car...until they found out their insurance company wouldn't pay their claim because they allowed the monkey to rip, tear, eat and defecate on their belongings. It never pays to play with monkies.

3. When was the last time you put your phone up a cow’s butt? Yep, one UK man did just that. He was using it as a light and somehow lost it in there. He filed a claim and they paid. What was he looking at anyway?

3.1 A policy was issued to Gene Simmons to cover his tongue for $1 million. What can I say, it is pretty darn long!

3.2 Ever considered Alien Abduction Coverage? A St. Lawrence agency offers just that.

4. A herd of cows licked all the paint off one couple’s car while they were vacationing in the South of France. They filed a claim and the company paid.

4.1 An elderly man was getting out of his pickup with his gun and accidentally shot up the inside of the cab. He filed a claim and got himself some new interior.

4.2 Studies have found that male drivers are more likely to get onto the roof of a moving car. What??

5. One lucky dog ate a very valuable piece of jewelry. His owners filed a claim. The insurance company was more than willing to pay the claim but first they deemed the dog salvage and claimed it was their rite to salvage recovery. I wonder who gets that job? Ewww.

5.1 While we are working at being the best insurance blog around, right now I have to give it up to

5.2 3 nuns took out a $1.8 million dollar policy that would pay all the necessary costs needed for raising Christ should one of them endure a virgin birth. The underwriter donated the policy to charity.


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