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Walmart Is Going To Sell Insurance – Do You Really Want Coverage from a Retailer?

Retail Giant Walmart has decided to step into the world of insurance. They have partnered with to offer car insurance at its ever popular “everyday low prices.” The partnership will allow customers to compare insurance premiums amongst multiple carriers right through the quote system on their website; so now when you stop in to pick up toilet paper, you can also find out how to get an insurance quote. What you won’t find is the best coverage, is the paper its written on worth anymore than the toilet paper you just bought?

So what can you expect from insurance sold through Walmart? As of right now you can only expect to get an auto quote from Walmart if you are in one of the 8 states they’ve launched the program in, such as Pennsylvania. California is not one of those 8 states and perhaps it is because those 8 states where the program is active, only require the state minimum and to many people that is some pretty bare coverage.

In the markets where Walmart has tested out its pilot insurance sales system it has offered low premiums under the guise of saving customer’s money, but what they aren’t boasting about is that the coverage is so minimal that in states where claims can be high customers are being left holding the bag when it comes to loss. Customer’s won’t be able to talk to an agent face to face when they have questions or claims because Walmart isn’t licensing agents and setting up agent centers, there will be no human element to the process.

If you are considering purchasing auto insurance through Walmart I encourage you to come see us at Executive Edge insurance and let us help you find the best coverage at the best price. If you are on a tight schedule we have a DIY quoting system you can use at your own convienance, from your own home or you can email us and we will get back to you. Remember, insurance doesn’t just take your money…it protects your livelihood.


Kelly Spies

Executive Edge Insurance Services

320 E Yosemite Ave Ste 101

Merced, Ca 95340


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