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Don't Post Insurance Claim Pictures on Social Media

Since the arrival of a postable internet we have been warning people againt posting things online that can harm their reputation, effect the possibility of getting a job, influence college enrollment status and wreck lives in general but how often do we see someone post something like this:


We see it almost every day don’t we? Did you know that claims adjusters scour social media when they investigate a claim? Well they do. Investigators check instagram, facebook, foursquare, flickr and twitter. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and to the investigator if those implied words don’t match the claimant’s verbal statement then there is an issue.

While we would like to think that everyone is honest in their retelling of an incident it unfortunately isn’t always the case and that very small amount of dishonesty urges investigators to be as thorough as they can be when they look into a claim.

As an insurance Agent I encourage you to take as many photos of your claim as possible. Take pictures of everyone involved; snap photos of the weather, the lighting, the property, the property around it; get the kids, the dog, the neighbor’s dog, traffic lights, the flow of traffic, whatever – just take a gazillion pictures but DON’T post them or share them on the internet.

Rather than allow an adjuster or investigator to come to their own conclusion based on images that may or may not be the best representation keep the images to yourself so that the investigator must rely on the retelling of events. If you really have to show them to someone, show them to your Insurance Agent.

Protect the integrity of your claim and keep your claim photos to yourself.


Kelly Spies

Executive Edge Insurance Services

320 E Yosemite Ave Ste 101

Merced, Ca 95340


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