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Domestic Violence and How The Affordable Care Act Can Help

The hashtag #WhyIStayed and the story of Ray Rice punching out his wife is bringing to light a sensitive subject that so many women, children, families, friends and communities deal with on a daily basis and it seems that no matter how much or how often we talk about it, it continues to happen.

I want to talk about something that I don’t think is talked about very much and that’s how the ACA helps victims of Domestic Violence and spousal abuse.

According to the Public Health Watch organization, “being a victim of domestic violence was considered a pre-existing condition in eight states and the Distric of Columbia.” Now that The Affordable Care Act prohibits insurance companies from denying people with pre-existing conditions those abuse survivors living in those eight states have access to health care options that previously kept them from obtaining the help they need.

The CDC has stated that more than 1 in 3 women have experienced some form of domestic violence. Up until The Affordable Care Act was put in place insurance companies from certain states were allowed to deny coverage to survivors because they were victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence. Today, that is no longer a factor. Today survivors have access to health care that treats many of the long term chronic conditions that are a result of abuse.

One other thing The Affordable Care Act did for domestic abuse victims is it made it so that someone seeking help immediately qualifies for a hardship exemption. Couple that with the fact that the IRS made it so that survivors can now file as Head of Household to get tax credits that help them afford an insurance plan without having to deal with their abuser over tax information.

There are so many organizations already waiting in the wings with information for victims that I’m not going to go there because chances are if you are reading this because you are in a abusive situation then you’ve already found that information.

What I do want to give you, though, are some links for places where you can find help. I know they are easily google-able but I want to give them to you anyway.


If you are in need of health coverage or need to apply for Covered California, contact us , Call us at 209.385.3343 or Click HERE.


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