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Over 55? Get Mature Driver Discounts on Your Auto Insurance.

Many of us would be surprised to learn that mature driving discounts aren’t just for senior citizens. Once we reach the age of 55 we, too, are entitled to a Mature Driver Discount on our Auto policy. What’s the catch? Well, there is a catch of course because as a wise man I once knew used to say, “There ain’t no free lunch, Honey!”

Here’s the catch…

The day you turn 55 doesn’t automatically qualify you for the discounted rate and while some Insurance Agencies send out birthday cards they aren’t likely to make a change to your policy without your input and even if you did put in a phone call to Executive Edge Insurance to ask for the discount you still have to do something to get that discount. You have to take a Defensive Driving Course and provide certification that you showed up for class.

You might be thinking, why would I take a defensive driving class when I have a good driving record? Shouldn’t I just get the discount anyway since I’m a good driver? The answer is no.

Defensive Driving courses teach current road rules, good driving techniques and brush you up on your overall driving skills. You will also learn how to assess your own driving and health as it is related to driving as you age. Just knowing that this has all been brought to the forefront of your mind makes the insurance company all jolly and they start handing out discounts!

So, now that I have you thinking about what a great discount you can get for taking a defensive driving course here are a few links to help you find out where you can take it. And, once you’ve completed the course, come see us at Executive Edge Insurance and let us show you how much money we can save a newly certified mature driver.

If you'd like to get a quote now, go to: or Email us and Kelly will reach out to you.

Click one of the following links for more information.

You can also contact your local Police Department for information regarding state approved Defensive Driving courses.

Merced Police Department - (209) 381-6540

Today's Tip:

​AARP members are eligible and invited to receive discounts above and beyond the Mature Driver Discount.


Kelly Spies

Executive Edge Insurance Services

320 E Yosemite Ave Ste 101

Merced, Ca 95340


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